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Welcome to Rdesign

Rdesign deals with the online monitoring of measurementsystems via the internet.

We design and manufacture electronic hardware and related software for customized solutions.

In the last 5 years we have grown to be known all over the world, with clients in the USA, China and several European countries we are proud to present ourselves and our work.  We make sure that all we deliver makes you proud too!

We make physical measurements visible!

So you can, for example, think of measuring temperature, levels, pressure, flow, power, pulses, counters etc.

Rdesign allows many parameters to be monitored online via the internet. This system, 'webchip', is low powered performed. Even the areas without power can be handled by using batteries. By using a powerful microchip, the monitoring system is very small.


In many cases the webchip can be linked to your measurement system and are you able to coordinate and track your business all over the world via the internet.

Webchip owns the optional GPRS interface, so your wireless measurement point can be linked in all cases.

Do you have technical (electronic) challenges, please contact us!







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